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COHEN Sistemas S.A. has team of highly trained professionals certified in different technologies.

We provide manpower services, technology and methodology consulting related to development projects, migration, and integration of software applications.



and integration

Based in standard technologies as J2EE and Web Services, we implement schemes of internal A2A and B2B applications integration, developing technology evolution or migration projects of old, close-technology based and with high property costs applications. This way, operative costs are reduced by obtaining more integrated, flexible and scalable solutions that can work with external applications with little custom adaptation.




As an additional service, we provide our customers with technical support for the proper implementation and use of the software. It can be:

We assist our clients through Remote Desktop or the Internet.
By Phone:
With a professional representative of our company.
We go to your office to provide necessary assistance.


and Testing

We develop projects in a collaborative way with our clients, setting up conjunct teams and providing professionals with knowledge in methodology, technology and specific platforms through the whole process of development and implementation of the solution. We develop software applications on Oracle Developer Suite, J2EE, XML and Web Services platforms, applying the appropriate design, development techniques and methodologies for every project. We build software solutions using standard technologies, what guarantees flexibility, portability high availability and performance.



and Coaching

We improve the projects and resources of our clients by providing highly specialized training and coaching, supported by years of real experience in software development projects. Our team includes certified instructors that have practical experience in the different aspects of a technological project development. We develop standard courses, create training programs and personalized workshops according to the needs of every project, involving topics as:

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